The Legend of Black Dog

  I wonder if anyone in Richmond has considered erecting a statue in memory of Black Dog. This near-mythical, dread-locked stray canine roamed the streets of Richmond’s West End neighborhood for nearly fifteen years, some say, eluding animal control the… Read More ›

ACTs of the Apostles

For the past month, I’ve worked as a part-time tutor in south Alabama, helping high-schoolers prepare for the verbal portion of the ACT, the standardized college admissions exam generally preferred by the universities down in Dixie. As part of the… Read More ›

When You Wake

This book taught me about the musical possibilities of the English language: that the sound and rhythm of words on a page could take on an almost symphonic-like power in the hands of a master. I first read “All The… Read More ›

Ain’t No Grave

There is a train that’s heading straight To Heaven’s gate, to Heaven’s gate And on the way, child and man And woman wait, watch and wait For Redemption Day When Sheryl Crow, the subject of this issue’s cover, penned these… Read More ›